The American Dream of Upgrading & How You Can Help

The American Dream is best idealized in the 1950s where things seemed simple. This generation lived through the Great Depression and World War II and came out swinging. They believed that working hard and saving money would help you claim the best life for you and your family. Over 60 years later, the American Dream is still alive, but with a twist. Today, it seems, many people are less concerned with how much money they save, and more focused on making upgrades to their lives.

Upgrades can come in a variety of forms. A holiday bonus may turn into a new smartwatch, or a big promotion could mean finally building that addition onto your house. Upgrades aren’t always made to our physical possessions, either. A new, better job could be considered an upgrade to your life. This shift in our culture isn’t a bad thing, but it has changed the way we protect our lives and our possessions. Farm Bureau agents are irreplaceable in this new world of upgrades. They understand what needs to be protected in everyday life, and they work tirelessly to make sure their client/members have the proper coverage. Find out how our agents fit into the new American Dream.

The Next Big Thing

Many people aim to claim the fanciest and shiniest new toys they can afford, but just having those fun new toys isn’t enough. Most people know that a new car should be insured, but what about a new high-definition TV or tablet? A Farm Bureau agent works with community members to protect things they’ve worked hard to gain. From air conditioners to stereos, and computers to ovens, a Farm Bureau agent knows what needs to be protected. When the unexpected happens, a Farm Bureau agent is by their side to help.

If You Build It, They Will Come

An upgraded life could also come with upgrades to homes. Homeowner’s insurance is a necessity and most people are already covered. However, remodeling any part of a home calls for an update to insurance coverage. Build a new deck? Add a new garage? Tear down something on a property? All of those things are spotted by a Farm Bureau agent to make sure that a house can become a home. Our agents protect their communities and that starts in their neighborhoods.

Keeping It In The Family

Sometimes upgrades aren’t always a new item, but a new-to-you gift. Family valuables, like jewelry, collectibles, and other historical items that are passed from generation to generation, should be covered by insurance. Protecting what matters most to client/members is what Farm Bureau does best! While these items can’t be replaced, an agent can help with piece of mind when the unexpected strikes.

New Career, New You

As a Farm Bureau agent, not only are you becoming a part of the American Dream, but you’re also helping your community members reach and celebrate their dreams, too. Your client/member’s successes are your successes as you guide them through the next stages of their lives. Your knowledge can help protect everything that your community has worked hard for over the years.

The American Dream is alive and well, and with hard work it can be achieved today. Today’s world might look a lot different than it did in the 1950s, but many of the values that we hold important remain the same. If you want to help protect the American Dreams of those living in your community, and you’re looking for the American Dream yourself, click “Get Started” below.

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