The 8 Wackiest State Fair Foods

August 19, 2015

Step right up, ladies and’s state fair season! From our earliest years as a country, the United States has strived for agricultural excellence and paved the way in producing quality food for its citizens. State fairs provide an exciting and community-focused way to highlight the importance and accomplishments of agriculture and animal production, and Farm Bureau Financial Services isn’t about to let them go unnoticed. From protecting local farmers and ranchers to supporting fair activities, our agents love to showcase what their states have to offer. Take a peek at why state fairs are some of the best places to show your state pride and taste some of the wackiest foods around.

Sights and Sounds

The wonderful thing about state fairs is that the whole family can be involved! From entering absurd old-timey contests to creating works of art and displaying garden produce for judges to evaluate, there’s attractions for everyone. Food judging is one of the oldest competitions, dating all the way back to the 1800s, and today’s competitions are more intense than ever.

Cuisine Like Nowhere Else

If there’s one way each state fair tries to “take the cake,” it’s by showcasing some of the best, and oftentimes, unusual cuisine. We can’t tell you which of the eight foods is the best (everyone has their favorite), but the names and descriptions themselves have our mouths watering. So, which of the following state fairs boasts the wackiest food? We’ll let you be the judge.

The 8 Wackiest State Fair Foods

1. Iowa | Tater Dog On-a-Stick

Combining corn dogs and tater tots, the Iowa State Fair takes fan favorites to a new height with the tater dog on-a-stick. The tater dog looks like a corn dog on the outside, but inside it contains an additional potato center of tasty tater tots.

2. Kansas | Pickle Pops

When arriving at the Kansas State Fair, you need not look far for a unique fair food staple than the ever popular pickle pops. The surprisingly delicious pickle flavored ice-pop is a common treat among fairgoers looking to cool down on a hot summer day.

3. Minnesota | Spaghetti and Meatballs On-a-Stick 

The Minnesota State Fair is known for having many entrees on a stick, but spaghetti and meatballs on-a-stick stands out as one of the most unique items. It has to take a bit of imagination to place pasta on a stick.

4. Nebraska | Moink Balls 

Meatballs, bacon, and the Nebraska State Fair are the winning combination for finding the infamous moink balls. The enticing combo is created by wrapping meatballs in bacon and glazing them with BBQ sauce, and, of course, they’re placed on a stick for easy eating!

5. South Dakota | Apple Pie in a Bag

As a recipe created from South Dakota native Ruth Overby, this signature dessert might not be as traditional as apple pie, but it’s everything desired in an apple pie. This dish is baked and served in a paper bag to deliver the perfect flakey crust for every bite.

6. Arizona | Chocolate Covered Scorpions, Crickets, and Mealworms

Ready for a food challenge? The Arizona State Fair wins the award for the most curious state fair food with their chocolate covered scorpions, crickets, and mealworms. Some fairgoers pass up the challenge to eat a scorpion, while others thrive on the allure of eating these creepy crawlers just for the thrill.

7. New Mexico | Fried Beer 

Beer is frequently available at any state fair, but fried beer is a specialty at the New Mexico State Fair. With ravioli pockets filled with beer and then deep fried, this state fair food spikes the curiosity of many who come across it.

8. Utah | Deep Fried Twinkie

A deep fried twinkie is available at many state fairs across the country, but the Utah State Fair went for the next adventure in twinkies by combining them with bacon before frying them up.

Farm Bureau Agents Love The Fair!

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