September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

August 22, 2023

A successful Farm Bureau candidate is committed to building relationships and helping others protect what matters to them most. When you sell Farm Bureau insurance, you are planning for more than just the “what ifs” in life. You are helping client/members and their loved ones meet important short- and long-term financial goals.  Farm Bureau agents understand that having life insurance is a fundamental step toward creating a sound financial future for the entire family. During Life Insurance Awareness Month, it’s important to highlight why life insurance is so critical:

  • Provides income while a surviving family is grieving, getting back on their feet, finding other sources of income and adjusting to a new household income level.
  • Supports survivors with the funds to achieve specific goals the insured may have planned for, such as contributing to a child’s college tuition or putting a down payment on a house.
  • Ensures survivors aren’t impacted financially by medical or funeral expenses of the deceased by helping to cover these costs.
  • Helps cover the cost of any personal debt of the deceased and prevents loved ones from having to pay potential taxes on life insurance death benefits.

Customize Coverage to Specific Needs

Life insurance is something almost every person needs, regardless of what stage of life they’re in. Pairing the right life insurance package with the unique goals of your clients allows them to meet the financial needs of their families, even after death cuts earnings short.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life insurance provides financial protection upon death while also accumulating cash value that can be used while a client is living. The premiums and protections remain the same throughout the lifetime of the insured, plus these policies earn cash value to potentially fund college, supplement retirement income, purchase a home or pay other expenses for members of the family. 

Term Life Insurance

Often a more affordable option for clients who are single, just starting a family or recently joined the workforce, a Term Life policy provides coverage for a specific period of time. As coverage needs change over time, different term life options are available to adjust the level of protection needed.   

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Many clients choose to protect their families and save for retirement at the same time with an Indexed Universal policy. Along with a guaranteed death benefit, these policies have the option of loans and withdrawals to help pay for medical care and retirement expenses later in life. Indexed Universal life polices offer flexibility in regards to both the premium and death benefit. Both can be adjusted (within limitations) to help meet your needs that may change over time. 

Make a Real Impact

Selling life insurance can be a deeply personal process, and it can also be highly fulfilling. Becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent means you can take an active role in helping facilitate important and often life-changing financial discussions

We provide our agents with an extensive network of training and resources so they can connect with clients. That way agents will know the right questions to ask and tailor life insurance products to best meet their clients’ needs. As an agent, you’ll have the services and support to leverage your sales skills into a small business opportunity that can greatly impact people within your community. 

Protect Your Community

Being a Farm Bureau agent is about putting individuals and families back into the financial driver’s seat should anything happen to a loved one. Interested in exploring an opportunity built on protecting the well-being of those around you? Learn more about becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent today.