Right People. Right Opportunity. Right Now!

September 15, 2014

Beginning a new career is as big of a decision as it is a change for everyone involved, and it’s one that you don’t take lightly. With so much riding on your decision, you can rest assured that the Farm Bureau Reserve Agent Program provides honest insight into the expectations and commitment necessary for success as an agent, so we can decide together if it’s the right fit, the right opportunity and the right time to get started.

Right People.

At Farm Bureau, selecting the Right People for our Reserve Agent Program is a promise. Because it takes a specific person to succeed as an agent, our in-depth recruiting and selection process is designed to hand pick individuals with the highest likelihood of success. Success as a Farm Bureau Reserve Agent is about much more than sales; it’s all about building strong relationships, being an important resource within your community and helping your neighbors protect what matters most. To achieve these goals, the Right People for the program are also:

  • Energetic, self-starters who are organized, confident and coachable;
  • Strong communicators who are both business savvy and entrepreneurial;
  • Educated individuals with a background in sales and/or marketing; and
  • Financially sound individuals willing to invest personal savings to cover the minimal upfront costs necessary to grow a business.

Does this describe you? You may be the right type of person to apply for our Reserve Agent Program.

Right Opportunity.

For those that make it through our interview and selection process, we provide the flexibility, transparency and security to mutually decide if it’s also the right opportunity for your unique professional and personal goals. To help our agents make this decision, our Reserve Agent Program serves as a 3-month developmental period where you begin in the insurance business on for size, without having to quit your current job or risk your family’s financial stability.

Participation in the program grants you hands-on business experience with real earning potential. You’ll have the freedom to arrange sales appointments around your current work schedule, learning first-hand what it takes to successfully sell auto, home and life insurance. Our “earn while you learn” approach to training allows you to collect monthly commission based on sales effort, not a time clock, just like our contracted agents. The idea is simple, but very important: the more you sell, the more you will earn.

Just like any new business opportunity, however, our agents are expected to meet minimum sales requirements and pay minimal fees for licensing to participate in the program and continue the agent contracting process – but don’t worry, if it’s the right fit and opportunity, we’ll provide the resources and support to get you there.

Right Now!

Try it on for size, transition smoothly and earn while you learn! Now could be the right time for you to begin an exciting and rewarding career in insurance sales. From when you work to what you sell, planting the seeds for success with our Reserve Agent Program allows you to control every aspect of your business, so you can grow your bottom line. Think you’re ready? Our process starts by filling out our ‘Get Started’ form, speaking with an Agency Manager and attending your first interview. And, it takes less time than you might think.

Embarking on a new career is a big deal, and Farm Bureau Reserve Agent Program is here to help make sure it’s right – the right fit for the right opportunity at the right time. Let us help you lay the foundation for success by clicking the button below to get started today!