Morning Habits of the Most Successful People

Have you ever wondered how your morning routine might play a role in the outlook of your work day? Many of us know people who always seem perfectly organized and ready to take on whatever is thrown their way morning, noon or night. So what’s their secret? The morning grind can be exhausting, so check out our morning routine checklist to help boost your career!

1. Use a Journal to Prioritize Your Day

First thing in the morning, jot down your plans and priorities for the day. Make your day more manageable by reviewing your list and determining how to accomplish your goals. This can help reduce stress because there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ll have time to cross-off items on your to-do list in the afternoon, only to realize your schedule is full of meetings.

Pro Tip:
Kenneth Chenault, the CEO of American Express, starts his day by following a list of the top activities to be done, which he prepares the day before.

2. Complete Your Most Challenging Tasks First

Willpower is the strongest in the morning before other priorities and distractions get in the way. Is there a project with a tight deadline that’s weighing on you? Whatever the task may be, tackle it first thing in the morning when your energy is at its highest point.

3. Get Up An Hour Earlier

It’s easier said than done for night owls, but waking up a little earlier each day can actually help advance your career. A study by Harvard biologist Christopher Randler found that early risers are more proactive and more productive than those who oversleep. They’re more likely to think about their long-term goals and feel motivated to complete their daily tasks. When you wake up a little earlier, you’ll have an opportunity to start your day on a relaxing, enjoyable note.

You don’t have to start setting your alarm clock bright and early right away. Start by waking up 15 minutes earlier and gradually move up the time.

4. Eat Breakfast

If you’re not in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast, start now! Breakfast helps you maintain focus and energy throughout the day. Research has shown that breakfast might enhance memory, attention, the speed at which you can process information, and increase reasoning and creativity; all traits that can help you boost your career. So, before you head out the door, save a few minutes for a healthy breakfast.

Pro Tip:
Jeff Bezos, the founder of, avoids early morning meetings and prefers to start his day with a healthy breakfast with his family.

5. Exercise

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, people tend to put exercise on the back burner. However, some of the most successful people fit this morning habit into their routines. Being physically active, specifically in the morning, is known to increase productivity. You will be more awake and ready to tackle your day by giving yourself an extra energy boost. Exercise can also increase your mental clarity for four to ten hours post-exercise.

Pro Tip:
Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, starts her day with yoga and meditation.

Get More Tips to Advance Your Career

The best morning routine is the one that works for you. Try our morning routine checklist and modify it to find one that fits with your schedule. You’ll soon be on the fast track to success! To learn more about how to grow your career as a Farm Bureau insurance agent in 2017, check out our blog today.