How to Work in Agriculture Beyond Farming

March 04, 2024

Maybe you grew up in a farm family, working alongside your parents and siblings to support the business. Or perhaps you’re a farmer yourself, and you’re looking to change your job to something less physically demanding. It could be that you live in a farm or ranch community, and you’d like to work in agriculture supporting your neighbors.

Whatever your reason, if you want a job related to agriculture, you may want to consider a role as an insurance agent. As an agent, you can provide essential support to farmers, especially when they need it most.

Jobs Related to Agriculture in the Insurance Industry

As an insurance agent, you could help your farming and ranching neighbors protect their property, agriculture equipment and investments. You could work with them to determine policies that best meet their insurance needs. You could also be there to support them when hail destroys a crop or wind rips off a roof and help them file their claims so they can get back to business.

Farmers and ranchers can be focused on what needs to be done that day, week and season, and reviewing their insurance coverage might get pushed to the bottom of their priorities. With a background in agriculture, you can be there for them to think through the needs they might not realize they have.

For example, they might need:

Plus, like everyone else, farmers and ranchers need coverage for their homes, autos, lives and health. That’s a lot of insurance coverage.

Farmers and ranchers need someone they can count on to understand them, their business and their risks. They need someone who’s not just selling them a product, but who is there for them every step of the way.

Being an insurance agent who focuses on farming can be a rewarding way to connect with a farming community without working as a farmer. Just ask Nick Wetzel, who returned to his Iowa hometown and started working as a Farm Bureau agent. There, he and his wife are giving their kids the agriculture-centered childhood they had and cherished themselves. 

How Farm Bureau Can Help You Forge Your Future

If you want to stay connected to a farm or ranch region and you’ve been asking yourself, “What opportunities do I have to work in an agriculture related field?” consider becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent. Reach out today to see how you can support and connect with your farm or ranch community.