Farm Bureau Insurance Agents Make a Big Difference

October 14, 2015

When the unexpected happens, Farm Bureau Financial Services agents will be by their client/member’s side. Like a community hero, an agent swoops in to help pick up the pieces. Michael Sexton, a Farm Bureau agent from Iowa, agrees:

“I never expected this type of position would allow me to make such an impact on people’s lives. Sometimes there are negative connotations being in sales, but being a Farm Bureau insurance agent is more than that. You’re helping people with their needs, and you can make an impact with this type of career that you may not with any other.”

Whether it’s a home that has major storm damage, a car accident, a broken sump pump that floods a basement or crop loss, a Farm Bureau agent knows how to help. Find out what makes a Farm Bureau agent a great resource in almost any situation, and how they make a difference in their community.

A Farm Bureau agent is…

Always Motivated to Help

Farm Bureau agents enjoy helping protect the futures of community members before the unexpected strikes, but they shine when someone needs their help. “Thank you just doesn’t cover it. My Farm Bureau agent has helped me so much I just don’t know what to say,” says Karen Rose, a Farm Bureau client/member.


A Farm Bureau agent has studied and trained to be the “go-to” person for friends, neighbors and community members in need. They’re leaders in the community, and they’re the ones client/members turn to when they need help getting back on their feet. Agents are there to answer any question, and they know how to best help their client/members in any stage of life.


Farm Bureau agents know insurance inside and out, but when they don’t have the answer, they know where to find it by reaching out for support through their agency manager, fellow agents, sales support and much more. They don’t give up on their client/members when things get tough. They use their determination to go above and beyond for each and every one of them.


Agents are often thrown into unexpected situations, and they can easily bend and mold to fit into whatever a client/member needs. They are dependable, and they are always there when a client/member needs them.


The theory behind insurance is to be prepared for the worst, and no one understands that better than a Farm Bureau agent. “Our agent said ‘I promise you, you’re covered, and we’ll do everything we can do make sure you’re restored back to good life’,” says Susan and Bill Dumont, Farm Bureau client/members. Farm Bureau agents offer a wide variety of products and services, and are prepared to help protect what matters most to their client/members, including family members and friends.

A Go-Getter

Farm Bureau agents stop at nothing to help a client/member who needs their help. Every client/member deserves to be happy and healthy, but life sometimes has other plans. Farm Bureau agents are there when things go wrong. Farm Bureau client/member Stacy Pizzirusso has only kind words for her Farm Bureau agent:

“Thank you for being there. We needed it. You were there. You got us through it. Here we are today in our beautiful new home.”

If you have a knack for helping people in need, becoming a Farm Bureau agent could be your next career move. You’ll never know unless you try, and you can start by clicking “Get Started.”

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