Congrats to Farm Bureau's Class of May 2015!

Congratulations! Much like other students graduating from high school and college this time of year, so is the Farm Bureau Class of May 2015 as they graduate from being Reserve Agents to full-time agents! The steps to become a full-time agent aren’t taken lightly, and their effort shows a commitment to serve their community and run their own business. So let’s take a minute to high-five each graduate and find out what the class went through to become full-time agents with Farm Bureau.

What is a Reserve Agent?

Once you apply to become a Farm Bureau agent, and you are accepted, you are designated as a Reserve Agent for Farm Bureau Financial Services. Don’t worry, initially you can keep your day job, so you can find out what running your own business is like. Reserve Agents work on commission, but are paid for the time spent in training. You won’t have to spend your entire life savings to start your own business either – Farm Bureau will support you during the early years. It’s an opportunity to get immersed into the world of business without major risk.

What Happens When I Graduate?

Once you complete the four-month Reserve Agent Program, you are ready to become a contracted agent! Luckily, Reserve Agents graduate to full-time agents every month, so you can start the application process any time of the year. The skills you learn as a Reserve Agent will guide you through the beginnings of running your own Farm Bureau business and help you to become as successful as possible. 

Can I Be a Reserve Agent?

Those who succeed as a Reserve Agent and Farm Bureau agent have a specific set of qualities that set them apart from other people. Those who successfully graduate from being a Reserve Agent have a drive to help their community members by protecting what’s most important to them. The ideal candidate to become a Farm Bureau agent include:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit

  • Business acumen

  • Computer skills

  • Energy

  • Coachable

  • Financial savings

  • Competitive nature

Will I Have Help as a Reserve Agent?

Farm Bureau is ready and willing to help you throughout your career as a Farm Bureau agent! As you begin the Reserve Agent process, you will develop business and sales skills to help you land client/members and learn the ins and outs of managing your own time as a business owner. Additionally, no matter where you are in your career, Reserve Agents can feel confident that a seasoned agent, manager or trainer will assist you through our joint work approach.

Our Reserve Agents work hard to be the best agents for their community! We can’t wait to see what the future holds! If this sounds like a great opportunity and you can see yourself graduating with flying colors, click the “Get Started” button below to apply!

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