4 Unmistakable Signs to Know It's Time to Change Careers

December 28, 2023

Maybe you can’t see yourself in your current job anymore or perhaps you’ve set personal or professional goals that don’t align with the field you’re in. You could also feel like you’re not reaching your earning potential. Here are four signs that you might be ready for a new job. 

1. You Want More Ownership of Your Future

You might know that your current job isn’t the right fit for you, but you’re not sure what path to take. For many people, finding their purpose and the right professional direction is a journey that takes time.

If you’re ready to take control of your long-term goals, you’re likely an optimistic and ambitious person. Those traits can help you better equip yourself for a new change. You can start by following these easy-to-implement tips that will help you identify what you’re most passionate about. 

Take Notes

Take time to think about what drives you, what you’re passionate about and the times you may have felt you were ready for a new challenge. Maybe your calling is to make a difference in people’s lives, and you’re ready for a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity. Taking notes about the type of work you’re doing when you feel your inner fire at its highest and lowest points is an excellent way to discover what matters most to you.

It can be helpful to journal regularly, or to jot down your thoughts throughout the day when you identify things that are sparking your passion or pushing you to make a change. 

Channel Your Curiosity

Even though you may not be able to pinpoint what you want to do in your next venture, you’re probably curious about a wide range of disciplines, industries and interests. The key to finding an invaluable opportunity is first channeling what inspires you, and then determining ways to align your interests and passions with your strongest skillsets.

When you find fields or jobs you think might interest you, dig into them to learn more about what day-to-day life is like. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook is a good place to start. It offers job descriptions, work environments, educational requirements, average pay and more for a wide range of jobs.

Create an Action Plan

Think about where you see yourself in three, five or even ten years. How can your professional goals support your personal goals, and vice versa? Whether you dream of owning and growing a business or creating your own flexible schedule, a step-by-step action plan is a great way to prioritize your most important life goals.


2. You Dream of Becoming a Leader

Driven employees sometimes find that they have reached as high as they can in their current role while still longing for more. If you wish for a chance to manage a team or become a leader in your industry, it’s essential to find opportunities that encourage this.

As you begin or continue your job search, use social media to increase your professional networks and establish yourself as a thought leader. Here are some strategies to try:

  • Reach out on LinkedIn to grow your network and connect professionally. Take time to join the conversations in comments and to share resources that resonated with you.
  • Join local Facebook groups for your industry. Getting in touch with the local scene can allow you to meet other professionals in your area and grow your in-person network.
  • Start sharing. Whether it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platforms, sharing content that interests you will connect you to people with similar interests. 

3. You’re Excited to Grow Your Skills and Tackle New Projects

Are you asking yourself how to know when to change jobs? In some positions, you don’t have many professional development opportunities, and you may find yourself doing the same thing most days. That could be a sign that it’s time for a change.

You may want to search for an opportunity that encourages you to learn new skills and exposes you to new challenges. A bigger company might offer more structured training or tuition reimbursement so you can get the education you need for the job you want. A small, growing business could offer lots of hands-on, on-the-job training with the potential to advance. And starting your own business can put your growth and potential in your own hands

4. You Want a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Keep in mind that while your work should allow you to achieve your dreams and professional goals, you should also find pleasure in it. Some jobs, such as being a lawyer, traditionally demand a lot of hours. Others, such as restaurant and hospitality workers, require a lot of evening and weekend work. Whether you prefer to set your own schedule or have unlimited earning potential, finding a business opportunity that provides a healthy balance outside of work is important. 

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