Meet Mike

Hi, I’m Mike Wold. I was born and raised in northeast Iowa, and I first joined Farm Bureau Financial Services as an insured in college. My major was Health Care Administration with a minor in Sales. I was recruited out of college to join Farm Bureau Financial Services as an Agent and served in that role for ten years. I now serve as a District Manager and have been since 1998. My father was a high school administrator/coach, and my mother was a nursing home administrator. I have always enjoyed coaching, and I think that has helped me be successful in my career.

As a District Manager, my goal is to develop entrepreneurs and motivate them to reach their income potential.

I am looking for agents with the following qualities: Great attitude; Optimistic; Independent self-starter; High drive; Persuasive personalities.

We protect livelihoods and futures and if you want to be part of a very successful team of individuals that strive to do that every day, look no further.