Meet Doug

Hi, I’m Doug Pyle. I graduated from Park University in Kansas City, Missouri studying with degrees in Finance and Economics. I started my career in the insurance and financial industry in 2010 when I began my own agency. In 2015, I moved into a leadership role in the Twin Cities. I currently reside in Eagan, MN with my wife, Ashley, and our children, Boston and Carsyn. My wife and I enjoy traveling with our kids, and our family has a goal to experience all 50 states together. We are getting close! I am also passionate about sports and have attended a game at every Major League Baseball ballpark.

As a District Manager, my goal is to empower and inspire agents to take control of their future and make positive impacts on the communities they serve. I believe in fostering a supportive and dynamic environment that encourages professional growth, personal development and a sense of ownership.

I am looking for agents with the following qualities: people who can create lasting relationships built on trust, individuals of high integrity and people who genuinely care for the wellbeing of the people in their community.

If you are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others with a fulfilling work-life balance, connect with me today!