Working at Farm Bureau is a Family Affair

June 15, 2016

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we value our agents, their families and the client/members they serve. This Father’s Day, we want to recognize a Farm Bureau family who has a unique bond – a father and son who both work to protect livelihoods and futures. Discover how this close business partnership came to be, and how you too can jump start a new insurance career where you’ll feel like family.

Article written by Brad Stimmel, Agency Manager and his father Mike Stimmel, Agent in Iowa City, IA

Working Alongside Family as an Agency Manager - Brad Stimmel

As a Farm Bureau agency manager, I’ve had the lucky opportunity to work with some of the best in the insurance industry. In my opinion, one of the best happens to be my father, Mike Stimmel. I grew up watching my dad work as a Farm Bureau agent, and after seeing all of the benefits an insurance career provided for our family, I ended up following in his footsteps and working for Farm Bureau.

How It All Began: Starting my Career at Farm Bureau

It seems like working at Farm Bureau was always in the cards for me. Jokingly, my first joint appointment with my dad was when I was about six years old. I remember spending the day together and we stopped by one of his client’s homes.

My dad always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. After getting out of the Marines and attending school, it was time to consider my next step. I reflected on the accomplished insurance career my father had built at Farm Bureau and the lifestyle his career path provided our family growing up.

Farm Bureau agents are their own bosses and they have the flexibility to create their own schedules. For my father, having a flexible career made balancing his work and home life easier, which was crucial for our family. I decided that joining the Farm Bureau family was the right career move for me.

Farm Bureau Fathers

As an agent, the decision to work in the same office as my dad was one of the best decisions of my career. I had the opportunity to learn first-hand from the best about the skills, values, and tips needed to succeed. However, I might be a little biased!

Many fathers dedicate valuable time to their Farm Bureau careers. My dad, like countless others who work as Farm Bureau agents, set an amazing example of the importance of working hard to protect the lives and futures of people in our community.

An Agent’s Perspective on Working Alongside Family -Mike Stimmel

Working with my son, Brad, at Farm Bureau has been incredibly gratifying. I have the opportunity to talk with Brad about his experience with this great company and watch him grow. After Brad’s service in the Marines, I was so happy when he asked if he could help me out with my business.

It’s no surprise that being a Farm Bureau agent was a great fit for him. From early on it was easy to see that Brad had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 7th grade, he started his own lawn-mowing business which lasted through high school. Working at Farm Bureau has provided him the opportunity to own his own business and build a rewarding career. He’s advanced his career to the next level from being an agent to now an agency manager in Minnesota.

The Benefits of Working with Family

Balance is important when it comes to family and my career. I’ve stayed grounded with the “5 Fs” I believe in: Faith, Family, Fitness, Fun and Farm Bureau. The wonderful thing about this career path and Farm Bureau as a whole, is that we’re given the room to make each of these a priority simultaneously.

In many ways, working at Farm Bureau is like being part of a family. Agents work alongside each other, in addition to managers and support teams who are there to guide them along the way. Similar to how I had the chance to take Brad under my wing as he began his Farm Bureau career, the company provides ample training and mentorship opportunities for those who are just getting started.

Farm Bureau recognizes we all have the same goal - to provide the right insurance coverage for our client/members. When you work at Farm Bureau, even if you’re not working with your son, know you will be supported and treated like family.

Join the Farm Bureau Family

For the Stimmel family, Farm Bureau has provided rewarding, challenging and life-long careers. Farm Bureau agents are here to help protect livelihoods and futures of our client/members. If you’re ready to start a rewarding career on a team that feels like family, learn more about the opportunities available at Farm Bureau today!