The Road to Becoming an Agent: Q&A With Vu Nguyen

June 08, 2017

Can you believe that we are already headed into summer? At the beginning of summer, people often find themselves attending graduation celebrations for high school and college graduates alike. At Farm Bureau, we have our own graduations to celebrate with agents who have completed the Reserve Agent Program!

Once an individual completes the Reserve Agent Program, they have the opportunity to become full-time Farm Bureau agents. Successfully completing the program demonstrates the agent’s dedication to serve their community and to run their own business.

This graduation season, we wanted to take a moment and talk to a recent Reserve Agent Program graduate, Vu Nguyen, about his journey to becoming an insurance agent and how the Reserve Agent Program benefitted him. Check out what he had to say!

Meet Recent Reserve Agent Program Graduate Vu Nguyen

What was your career before becoming an insurance agent?

I was a Sales Associate at the Wichita Luxury Collection for 12½ years before joining Farm Bureau.

What made you decide to become a Farm Bureau insurance agent?

I was looking for a career that would allow me to help clients while building a business for myself and my family.

What was your favorite part about the Reserve Agent Program?

My favorite part was the ability to try the program and a career as an insurance agent without giving up your existing career, even though I chose to jump all in.

Do you feel the Reserve Agent Program set you up for success as an insurance agent? If so, in what ways?

I think the program helped boost my confidence. It gave my career a great start and allowed me the ability to begin getting business in a short period of time. The program helped me realize that I could be a successful Farm Bureau insurance agent.

Why do you feel a career as a Farm Bureau insurance agent is the right fit for you?

I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives and protecting their livelihoods and futures. Being a Farm Bureau agent is a great way to do that!

What do you like most about being a Farm Bureau insurance agent?

I love the flexibility that comes with being an agent. We have monthly goals, so I can set my own hours around reaching those numbers. I also love the fact that there truly isn’t a cap on what you can do and what you can make as an agent.

What values and passions do you bring to your career as an insurance agent?

I have always been focused on customer service in my past careers, and that transitions well to the insurance industry. In my past career, the goal was to service clients for years in between purchases to keep them coming back to you when they’re ready to make another purchase. This industry is similar, except that the turnaround is every single year. I feel that if you take care of your client/members, they will value the relationship more than if it were solely based on their insurance premiums.

What has your experience been like as a new insurance agent?

It has been surreal. I had a great first year, and I feel like the sky's the limit!

What are your career goals as an insurance agent? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My goal is to be a member of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). In the future, I hope to be one of the top agents in my district and a person who is respected by my peers and client/members.

What would you tell someone considering joining the Reserve Agent Program?

This opportunity is not for everyone, but you can fully expect to get out of it what you invest. This career has plenty of rewards and incentives and allows you to really stand out if you are willing to put in the work to get to the top. My goal has always been to serve my client/members, and the money will follow. At the end of the day, happy clients are the ultimate reward.

Farm Bureau’s Agent Reserve Program

Those who apply to become a Farm Bureau agent and are accepted are placed into the Reserve Agent Program. While reserve agents work on commission, they also receive payment for their time spent in training.

Once the agent completes the four-month program, they’ll be ready to become a full-time Farm Bureau agent! Fortunately, reserve agents can graduate each month, meaning that you can apply to become an agent at any point during the year.

Don’t worry, once you graduate, you aren’t on your own. Farm Bureau will provide plenty of support to you during your early years as an agent. We want to ensure that you have the opportunity to get immersed into the insurance world without risking your entire life savings.

Is It Time for a Career Change?

Are you ready for the opportunity to begin building a business without having to sacrifice your current job or savings? You can do just that by joining our Reserve Agent Program. Discover how you can become a Farm Bureau Financial Services insurance agent and take control of your career by clicking “get started” below.

Become a Farm Bureau Agent

Become a Farm Bureau Agent