Real Life Stories: Why I Wanted to Work at Farm Bureau

February 03, 2016

There are many people who work for their “15 minutes of fame,” but Farm Bureau agents aren’t among them. Our insurance agents impact lives in many ways – they’re not after a quick sale or the limelight. Simply, Farm Bureau agents choose their career path because they care about serving their communities and protecting the livelihoods and futures of their client/members. There’s a big difference between working for “15 minutes of fame” and working 10, 20, even 30+ years as a Farm Bureau insurance agent.

Insurance Agents Have a Lasting Impact on Families

Every day, Farm Bureau agents work hard to protect community members when they need it the most. Farm Bureau agents offer more than 30 insurance products to meet their client/members at any stage of their life. There are no 15 minutes of fame, just caring individuals who don’t fade from their client/members’ lives.

“Shortly after becoming an agent, I met a woman with a teenage son. Although money was tight, we wrote a life insurance policy for her, and I added rider coverage for her son. Two months later, her son was tragically killed in an automobile accident. She told me that she wouldn’t have been able to afford a funeral for her son had it not been for the life insurance policy.” – Connie Hohertz, IA agent

Farm Bureau Insurance Agents HELP Provide Safety and Security

Farm Bureau agents play a critical role in helping their client/members build a strong financial foundation. They do this before the unexpected strikes by helping to determine what coverage is right for each client/member. They can help identify gaps in coverage and make sure their client/members get the discounts they deserve.

“When one of my clients passed away from cancer, his family was worried he didn’t have enough life insurance to cover their farm debt. The family was surprised when I told them that he and I had talked several years before to make sure the family would be protected. He had taken out another policy to cover the farm and anything else that might come up. They were shocked at what he had done to plan ahead.” – Rodney Hunt, NE agent

Being an Insurance Agent Means Having a Lasting Impact on the Community 

Farm Bureau agents are committed and determined to provide outstanding customer service and get things done. They’re leaders in their communities, and when the unexpected hits, they go above and beyond to make their clients/members feel secure with outstanding customer service and with proper coverage.

As a Farm Bureau agent, you have the power to bring your community together. Whether it’s finding the right insurance for a growing family down the block, providing insurance to protect the American dream for local business owners, or helping the community rebuild after a natural disaster, Farm Bureau agents have their clients/members’ backs.

Prepared for the Unexpected

“One of my clients would have suffered financial devastation had it not been for our discussion about proper insurance coverage. Although he was successful financially, he didn’t have adequate coverage by his former agent. He took my advice, and shortly after was in a car accident. His policy ended up paying over $1 million for the claim. Had he still been with his former agent, he would have had to write a check for approximately $1 million. He was grateful I looked at his entire situation, rather than just trying to make the sale.” – Troy DeLair, UT agent

Some agents would have taken the 15 minutes of fame and gone for the quick sale. But that’s not how Farm Bureau agents operate. They know insurance inside and out and are trained to be the go-to person in their community. Farm Bureau agents are go-getters, and they stop at nothing to help client/members protect what matters most to them.

Get Your 15 Years of Fame as a Farm Bureau Insurance Agent!

That value of a hasty sale can fade quickly, which is why Farm Bureau agents are by their clients/members’ sides for the long haul. Their steady and consistent support allows them to serve their communities for many years.

A lifelong career making a difference in your community is better than “15 minutes of fame” any day. If you’re looking for an impactful and fulfilling career, becoming a Farm Bureau Agent could be your next career move. Read more about our Reserve Agent Program today!

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