Protecting the Moments in Life

September 09, 2015

Life moves fast. As we look back on life’s moments, most are broken down into happy memories with friends and family. Like videos that we can replay in our minds, these moments stick around for years.

Whether it’s finding the right insurance for a growing family, or working with a retiring couple, our agents dedicate themselves to making moments last. Discover moments in life that can be protected by a Farm Bureau agent, and see if you find yourself wanting to learn more.

Moving into Your First New Home

Taking the step towards home ownership is an enormous responsibility. Luckily, a Farm Bureau agent will work tirelessly with new homeowners to help make sure their hard-earned investment is protected. New homes are sources of boundless memories, and Farm Bureau agent’s work hard to help make sure they’re happy ones.

Getting Engaged

While a Farm Bureau agent probably can’t facilitate the big moment, they can help you navigate the new world of marriage. Farm Bureau agents take time to sit down with soon-to-be newlyweds and discuss ways tying the knot will affect their insurance. Maybe it’s time to consider life insurance, or maybe you plan to move into a home together. Whatever your journey, an agent is there to help.

Your First Home Improvement Project

When the home starts to get a little worn, a Farm Bureau agent will be there to do a SuperCheck and help make sure all your home improvement projects are properly covered in your homeowners insurance. 

Realizing You’re Pregnant

You know the old saying: a baby changes everything. Not only does it change your life, it also changes your insurance! A Farm Bureau agent can help new moms and dads as they adjust to life with a little one. An agent knows what’s needed to help protect your growing family.

Celebrating a Momentous Birthday

Whether you’re turning 30, 50, or 100, every birthday should be a celebration! Luckily, a Farm Bureau agent can help their client/members through every stage of life. Whether it’s a career change or starting a company, a Farm Bureau agent is knowledgeable about what will help you most.

Picking Out a Brand-New Vehicle

Many people love that new car smell, but it’s important that your new vehicle is also protected. Farm Bureau agents know your family’s safety is important, which is why they understand what insurance is right for their client/members.

Seeing Your Child Graduate

As life changes quickly, your insurance needs change. A Farm Bureau agent talks with client/members about their life and what changes are happening to help them adjust their coverage needs.

Your Retirement Party

The time has come to celebrate a job well done. You’ve worked hard during your career, and you deserve to have a happy and fulfilling retirement! A Farm Bureau agent will work alongside their retiring client/members to adjust their insurance as needed, and make sure they’re prepared for whatever the future holds.

Farm Bureau agents work every day to help make great memories for their client/members. A sense of compassion and a drive to make life better for their communities is what keeps them going. If you want to help your community become happier, healthier and build life-long memories, click “Get Started” below.

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