Preparing Clients for Stormy Weather (Infographic)

Severe weather can occur when a client/member is sleeping, working in their yard, or celebrating with family. It can happen any time of day, and it can cause significant damage to homes, cars, and crops. A Farm Bureau Financial Services agent can protect their client/members, and make sure they have the right coverage for whatever mother nature has in store.

Know the Facts

Farm Bureau agents understand what types of severe weather are common in their areas and can also help client/members choose the right insurance before a weather-related event is likely to happen. Below are five common natural disasters that occur in our eight-state region of Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Utah.


Hail forms when strong updrafts in a storm cloud push droplets of water up above the freezing point. Once these droplets freeze, the storm’s downdrafts push them back down into warm air. The droplets melt slightly and pick up other droplets in the process. This circular motion continues until the frozen droplets are too heavy for the storm’s updrafts. The frozen hail then falls to the ground.

Farm Bureau agents know hail can cause damage in each of the states that we serve, and they can recommend the proper insurance to new and current homeowners, car owners, and farmers. 

High Winds

Air moves from high-pressure areas to low pressure areas. The closer together in an area, and the farther apart in the amount of pressure, the stronger the winds. Air can also pick up speed over open areas and between tall buildings. During the summer, “microbursts” are common during thunderstorms. Rain can cool the underside of a cloud, which causes air to plummet toward the earth’s surface and then rapidly move sideways at a rate of up to 100 miles per hour.

High winds can cause damage due to flying debris from trees and other objects. These winds can also tear off shingles, siding, and smash windows. A Farm Bureau agent can warn their client/members of the dangers of high winds, and help them find coverage that’s right for them.


Tornadoes are a devastating natural phenomenon. They occur most often in “Tornado Alley” which covers Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Tornadoes require an unstable atmosphere, warm, moist air, and mismatched air currents. When these three things are available, a tornado is sometimes formed when the updrafts and downdrafts are moving at different speeds and create a funnel cloud.

Tornadoes can be deadly and are severe. A Farm Bureau agent, especially one in Tornado Alley, can suggest specific coverage to client/members to help prepare for the worst.


Lightning is created by static, the same static that you can find in your shirts or when you rub a balloon against someone’s head. Lightning is formed during the same process as hail. Those updrafts and downdrafts also strip the droplets of their positive and negative charges. Eventually, the top of a cloud will build up a positive charge, and the bottom will build up a negative charge. When this charge becomes too intense, it looks for a source to release its energy. Usually, this occurs between clouds or within the cloud itself, but lightning can also strike the tallest object it can find. That includes power lines, trees, houses, and buildings.

You can’t stop lightning from happening, but you can protect client/members from losing what is important to them. A Farm Bureau agent can find the right coverage to protect their community.


Wildfires can be caused by things like lightning, but most commonly they are caused by people. The usual suspects include unattended campfires, burning of debris, and cigarette butts.

Wildfires are common in forested areas like parks and camping sites, but they can often spread to farmland and residential areas. Farm Bureau agents know the risk of wildfires in their community and can help their client/members find the right protection.

severe Weather is Dangerous! Help Protect Client/Members Before the Damage is Done

Client/members depend on Farm Bureau agents to have them covered in all types of severe weather. Not only will agents protect client/members before any damage is done, but they will also be at their side when severe weather strikes. Whatever the weather, Farm Bureau agents are there to help client/members pick up the pieces. To start the application process to become a Farm Bureau agent in your community, click the “Get Started” button below.

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