My Career and Motherhood

June 22, 2020

by Hope Hernandez, Agency Manager in Garden City, Kansas

Figuring out how to balance work and family life can be extremely challenging. As the mother of two daughters, 8 and 6, I know that achieving this “balance” is a huge topic on women’s minds. And now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning how to homeschool while still focusing on excelling as an insurance agent makes balancing work and home even more difficult.

But being a Farm Bureau agent gives me the opportunity to be a mother and a professional at the same time — and create the work-life balance that I need. I am my own boss, and have the flexibility to choose what’s important to me and build my own work schedule. Here are my top tips for creating your own healthy work-life balance.

Lean Into Routine

Establishing daily habits for yourself and your family is key. My morning routine helps me show up as the best version of myself for my business and my children. I wake up at 5 a.m., practice gratitude, read and exercise. This ensures I’m taking care of myself first so I am in the best frame of mind to take care of all the challenges the day will bring. This is my “me” time and helps me maintain the work-life balance I want to achieve. Starting each day by making great decisions leads to being more productive throughout the day.

Manage Your Time Well

My boss and mentor Michelle Hubert, Regional Vice President, always says, “Show me your calendar, and I’ll show you what is important to you.” I live by my calendar. I use a block scheduling method to prioritize work and family activities. Be sure to share your calendar with those who need to view it, as well. Planning out the week in advance ensures you are always focusing on what and who is most important. Be sure to add in family time, too!

Be Present

When you are home, be home. When you are at work, be at work. This sounds a lot easier than it really is, so focus on being present. Make the most of your working hours and your hours at home. Planning family trips is just as important as planning meetings with clients, so put them on the calendar for the entire year. The reality is that this “balance” that everyone is trying to achieve is unique to you and your family. My balance may look different from yours — and that’s ok. 

Take Time for You

Like many professionals, Farm Bureau insurance agents may feel obligated to fill their free time with errands or phone calls, but having free time to yourself is healthier than you may realize. More than half of Americans report feeling stressed during the day, which increases the risk of serious health problems like heart disease. Save time on your calendar for yourself for stress-free and relaxing activities. When you take care of yourself, you’re taking care of your family, too!

Start With Small Changes

As you start to revamp your work-life balance, start with small changes. If you’re regularly missing family dinners, make it a goal to be there twice a week, and eventually work your way up to every day. 

A high level of job stress and unhappiness can quickly lead to burnout. At Farm Bureau, you’ll enjoy an exciting business centered on protecting your community members when they need it the most. When you become a Farm Bureau insurance agent, you feel great satisfaction from the work you do, and that leads to a happier and more fulfilling life! I have everything that I want — a beautiful family and a business I dreamed about when I was a little girl. I truly hope I’m setting a good example for my daughters. I want them to know that hard work and the right attitude are all you need to succeed in life — personally and professionally. 

 A Flexible Opportunity 

As a Farm Bureau agent, you’ll have the flexibility to create a schedule that works for you. Contact us to learn more about how Farm Bureau can help you achieve better work-life balance.