Be Yourself, Be Successful

March 15, 2023

You might be surprised to learn that many of our agents don’t have a background in insurance sales. Instead, they possess other qualities that make them quick learners and trusted leaders. Consider these personal traits that can help put you on the path to professional success with Farm Bureau Financial Services (FBFS). 

Make a Connection

This isn’t just another sales job. Insurance agents help people protect what matters most to them. As an agent, it is important to be relatable and empathetic because client/members want to work with someone who they can have a conversation with and trust.

You believe in the protection FBFS’s products and services provide, so don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm. Make a connection by finding things in common with your potential client/members and asking questions to show that you really care about protecting their livelihoods and futures. 

Stay Organized

Being organized will make you more productive, which can help you reach your business goals. When you’re meeting with a client/member, prepare yourself with all the materials you need. Did you know that FBFS offers over a dozen life insurance products and nearly two dozen types of property coverage to meet an individual’s needs at any stage of life? The most successful FBFS agents study and use the tools and resources they have at their fingertips. 

Build Networks

FBFS agents make a point to have face-to-face meetings and review a client/member’s full suite of needs. This helps them show they are go-getters who are willing to do whatever it takes to be there for their client/members, especially when the unexpected strikes.

In addition to attending professional networking events, make an effort to get to know your neighbors. Coach a sports team, get involved with city council or volunteer with the school. Community engagement will show your neighbors what’s important to you. Building these personal relationships will also help you understand their insurance needs. 

Solve Problems

As an FBFS agent, you’ll apply your skills and experience as a problem solver. Remember why you wanted to become an FBFS agent in the first place — to help those in your community. Put the needs of your client/members first when they find themselves in unexpected situations where they need your help. Remember that your job is to help them find the right coverage to protect what’s important to them. 

Be Optimistic

Just like any career, things won’t always go your way. There will be good days and not-so-good days. Optimism helps you maintain a sense of balance. When things don’t go your way, remember all of the times you’ve helped protect your friends and neighbors and keep moving forward. Be persistent and remember the end goal: to help your community. 

Ask for Help

Starting a new job requires learning new skills, which is a great thing! Reach out to fellow insurance agents and mentors for helpful tips. When you join FBFS, you have an entire support team to lean on. Connect with the District Manager in your area to learn more.