Farm Bureau Spotlight: Jacob Stroh

October 28, 2016

Farm Bureau Financial Services is proud to introduce Jacob Stroh, a Farm Bureau Associate Manager in Omaha, Nebraska. Jacob’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to Farm Bureau in 2014 right out of college. Jacob is committed to helping his community while growing his business. Learn more about what Jacob’s career means to him and what his day looks like.

Farm Bureau Associate Manager Jacob Stroh

Why did you become a Farm Bureau agent? What attracted you to this career?

I became a Farm Bureau agent because it’s a great entrepreneur opportunity. I’m also passionate about helping others, and I wanted to have a positive impact on our client/members.

As an agent, how do you set yourself apart in a competitive insurance industry?

Every day, my goal is to provide my client/members with the same level of service that I would expect. The insurance industry is all about building relationships, and I want client/members to know that I’m here to help them protect what matters most.

How do you set yourself up for success in the morning?

My mornings set the stage for the remainder of my day. Before I turn on the TV, scroll through Facebook or read emails, I try to do these two things:

  • Have breakfast with my fiancé

  • Spend 10 to 15 minutes reading industry-related books and on business and personal development. 

What does protecting livelihoods and futures mean to you?

Protecting livelihoods and futures means having those tough conversations with my client/members. Planning for the unexpected means you have to think about the “what ifs,” which can be scary. Together, if we can establish a plan, they can rest easy knowing they’re prepared and protected, no matter what comes their way.

Being young and early in your career, what goes through your head when meeting with client/members?

It took a while for me to feel comfortable with my client/members, but my nerves soon diminished. Knowing the work I’m doing makes a difference in people’s lives quickly gave me the confidence to know that I found a career in which I can truly succeed.

What are you looking forward to most this time of year?

This time of year is wonderful – from the holidays to hunting season, there are a lot of fun things going on. But once all of these fall activities are over, I’m looking forward to spending time with my family around the holidays.

Jacob is an excellent representation of our mission and our values at Farm Bureau Financial Services. Being an insurance agent is not about making sales; it’s about providing protection and peace of mind for your friends and neighbors. If you’re ready for a rewarding career that allows you to make a difference in your community, click ‘Get Started’ today!