Building Your Business During the Busiest Time of the Year

‘Tis the season for last minute holiday shopping, year-end deadline pressure and traveling to and from your holiday destinations. It’s probable that amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, your goal to make an exciting career change has taken the backseat until after the New Year settles down. Though you might think it’s a crazy time to start thinking about starting your own business, the holidays can actually present a number of rare and powerful opportunities to pursue your professional dreams. Here are a handful of top reasons building a Farm Bureau business during the busiest time of the year might make perfect sense for you.

It’s the perfect time to reflect on where you’re at and where you’re heading.

There’s something about the holiday season that innately causes a person to reflect inward. It’s a time when you’ll likely take a moment to identify the highs and lows of the previous year, how these life experiences shaped who you are, and what this means for you moving forward. Using the holidays to renew your appreciation of all that is good in your life, as well as reflect on what you might change, can be the perfect segue into the consideration of a significant life transition, such as making a career change to insurance sales.

You’re already in the mindset of making a change.

This time every year, millions of people across the globe commit themselves to ambitious New Year’s resolutions that, if seen through, have the power to drastically change their lives for the better. For some, setting goals for the coming year can be as tangible as taking ahold of personal finances or getting back into shape, but for others, it might involve a bit more self-reflection. No matter what type of change you hope to make, setting goals and having a written plan significantly increases your chances for success.

As you begin to form your resolutions, ask yourself what you’d most like to see change in the coming year. Do want to find a job that will allow you spend more time with family? Go back to school to develop a new skill set? Pursue your passions while traveling the world? You may be surprised to learn that becoming an insurance agent with Farm Bureau could fulfill many of both your personal and professional goals. You’ll have the freedom to run your own business, flexibility to live your life on your schedule and enjoy unlimited earnings and travel incentives – all while making a difference in the lives of those around you.

Networking is a natural part of holiday gatherings and events.

The endless festivities that accompany the holiday season present an enormous opportunity for networking with the community members you’ll be serving as a Farm Bureau agent. Farm Bureau agents see themselves as resources for their communities and are committed to building strong client/member relationships that last. Viewing your next holiday gathering as a relationship-building opportunity will give you the chance to expose your commitment to community members, the opportunity to learn about their personal wants and needs and the possibility to see how the two can work together. Not to mention, the commonalities experienced during the holiday season can serve as a useful ice breaker when conversing for the first time. Similarities as simple as mentioning the holiday crowds or family traditions around the holidays are easy ways to ease into a conversation and establish common ground for future interactions.

The holidays present unique opportunities to give back to your community.

The holidays are a time in which many of your local community members are in greatest need of a giving hand. If you are considering a career as a Farm Bureau insurance agent, it’s likely you share the same pride and commitment to your community and, as a result, are always looking for ways to give back. This holiday season, choose charities and volunteer opportunities that reveal your passions and interests to those around you, because when you invest in your community, they will invest in you. Plus, getting involved locally will connect you with like-minded community members who value people, relationships and taking care of the place in which they live and work the same way you do.

People are more receptive to having intimate, deeper conversations about important life topics.

Farm Bureau understands that changing careers is a big decision – not just for you but your entire family. Holiday dinners and family gatherings are an excellent chance to have heart-to-hearts and discuss important life changes, such as the possibility of joining the Farm Bureau team. In the spirit of the holiday season, now may be the perfect time to bind together as a family and set long-term goals that a career in insurance sales can help meet. Don’t forget the holidays are also a time in which many of your community members are having similar conversations related to the future. Especially with a product like life insurance, the holidays can be a natural time to start these discussions with your community members and provide peace of mind into the New Year and beyond.

The support of loved ones and the togetherness experienced during the holidays may be just what you need to take the first step toward making a career change to become a Farm Bureau agent. Get a head start on meeting meaningful personal and professional goals for the New Year by applying today.

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