Insurance Sales Strategies for the Busiest Time of the Year

October 20, 2022

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, year-end deadline pressure, and time spent traveling to and from holiday soirees. While this may not seem like the optimum time to focus on increasing your insurance sales, the season actually presents a number of powerful opportunities to pursue your professional dreams. Here are some top reasons why building a Farm Bureau business during the busiest time of the year might make sense for you.


The Holidays Are the Perfect Time to Reflect on Where You’re at and Where You Want to Go

There’s something about the season that innately causes a person to reflect inward. It’s natural to take a moment to identify the highs and lows of the previous year, how these experiences shaped where you are today and what this means moving forward. Using the holidays to renew your appreciation of all that is good in your life, as well as reflect on what you might change, can be the perfect segue into how you plan to maximize business productivity and increase insurance sales in the months and years ahead.

Insurance marketing idea: Be intentional about scheduling time for prospecting and following up, even among the distractions of the season.


You’re Already in the Mindset of Making Improvements

At this time every year, millions of people across the globe commit themselves to ambitious New Year’s resolutions that, if seen through, have the power to drastically change their lives for the better. For you, it might involve a bit more self-reflection on how to build your client base and grow your business. No matter what type of changes you hope to make, setting goals and having a written plan significantly increase your chances for success.

Insurance marketing idea: Create a strategy for converting prospects into clients in the new year and start scheduling meetings now so that you can hit the ground running come January.


Networking Is a Natural Part of Holiday Gatherings and Events

The endless festivities that accompany the holiday season present an enormous opportunity for networking with your fellow community members. Our agents are resources committed to building strong client/member relationships that last. Viewing your next holiday gathering as a relationship-building opportunity will give you the chance to share your commitment to community members, to learn about their personal wants and needs and to see how you can work together. Not to mention, the commonalities experienced during the holiday season can serve as a useful icebreaker when meeting someone for the first time. Simply mentioning the holiday crowds or family traditions are ways to ease into a conversation and establish common ground for future interactions.

Insurance marketing idea: Rather than trying to ignore the season, embrace it. Acknowledge that people are busy this time of year and highlight how efficient it can be when all their financial needs are met by the same person. 

The Holidays Present Unique Opportunities to Give Back to Your Community

The holidays are a time in which many of your local community members are in greatest need of a helping hand. Farm Bureau agents are committed to their communities and always looking for ways to give back. Does this sound like you, too? Choose charities and volunteer opportunities that reveal your passions and interests to those around you, because when you invest in your community, it will invest in you.

Insurance marketing idea: Lean into marketing strategies that increase awareness of your business — organize your own charity drive or take part in existing community events.

People Are More Receptive to Having Intimate Conversations About Important Life Topics

The holidays are a time in which many people are having important discussions related to the future. Especially with a product like life insurance, the holidays can be a natural time to start these conversations with your community members and provide peace of mind in the New Year and beyond.

Insurance marketing idea: Forego automation for a bit and engage your client base with unique handwritten holiday notes to important clients and prospects. 

Grow Your Business in Every Season

Farm Bureau provides agents the support they need to grow their business in every season. Contact a District Manager today to learn more about how Farm Bureau can help your business succeed during the holidays — and beyond.