Notes of Appreciation from Agents to Teammates

From our Reserve Agents to Agency Managers and beyond, everyone works together to reach a common goal: protecting the livelihoods and futures of our client/members. In honor of Employee Appreciation Day on March 4, we’re sharing notes of appreciation submitted by our agents and agency managers to their teammates.

Farm Bureau agents work hard to help those in their communities protect what’s important to them. As we read through these notes of appreciation, we feel proud that Farm Bureau team members are passionate about their rewarding careers. Employee Appreciation Day is a day to recognize the positive impact they have in their communities, and we’re doing just that.

See what different members of our team said about the people they appreciate! 

Name: Michelle Hubert
Who do you appreciate: My Team

“I’m so proud to be associated with a quality group of people who work hard each day to help our client/members. They help make sure our client/members have protection in place that will pay off when they need it the most.

Name: David Banning
Who do you appreciate: All 28 of my agents in my District

“I appreciate your dedication and service to each client/member.”

Name: Michael Noyes
Who do you appreciate: South Dakota District 9 - Agents

“I personally appreciate your attitude, effort and professionalism. It's a challenge to show gratitude without sounding trite, but I really do appreciate everything you do on a daily basis to help your client/members, fellow agents and Farm Bureau. It doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Name: Joshua Hyde
Who do you appreciate: Reserve agents and veteran agents

“I appreciate my Reserve Agents for taking on the challenge of being an agent while they’re full-time employees elsewhere. This demonstrates great work ethic.

I’m proud of my recently-validated reserve-to-career agents because they took the leap of faith for a tremendous future. I also appreciate the veteran agents who support our newer agents with their knowledge, motivation and optimism. I appreciate you for all you do!”

Name: Rocky Niewenhuis

Who do you appreciate: Tony Arteman, Chelsea Abrahamson and Nikki Kuemper

"I appreciate Tony Arteman and Chelsea Abrahamson because they are so good to work with, whether it’s farm pre-inspections, writing new business, servicing current business and helping retain our clients. Thank you, Tony and Chelsea!

Nikki is my SA in my Corsica office, and she is a great team player and very reliable. My clients love talking and working with her. She has a friendly personality that makes all my clients, whether they’re new or long-term, feel comfortable and welcome at the office. Thank you, Nikki!"

Name: Jeff Jasper
Who do you appreciate: My underwriters and adjusters

“We all want the business to be written correctly and having experienced underwriters gives us another set of eyes. It also makes it easier for adjusters to do their job at the time of the claim.”

Name: Amy La Grange
Who do you appreciate: Jerry Serbousek and Jake Rojohn

“I find it refreshing that these Home Office staff members try every avenue they can to help us write business.


Name: Brad Bross
Who do you appreciate: Each Southern Hills agent and team member

“Thanks to the Southern Hills team who works hard every day to help protect the livelihoods and futures of our current and prospective client/members. I am proud of the work you do, and I consider it a privilege to be part of the team.”

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Name: Kevin Foland

Who do you appreciate: Everyone that helps

“I have been in sales my entire life. It’s not until coming to Farm Bureau that I learned to sell myself. They have taught me that people need me in their life, and I used that confidence everyday.

I talk to probably five people a week, whether it’s my agency manager, Todd Davis, or other agents. Farm Bureau has taught me that people need me in their life, and I go into every case with that attitude. Basically, Farm Bureau is one giant team.

Name: Wally Hopf
Who do you appreciate: Agency Manager

“My manager is always there when I need him and keeps me up-to-date on everything I need to know. I appreciate that he doesn't micro manage me. He never wastes my time, which in turn gives me the time to do what I do best – help protect my client/members.”

Name: Cindy Schulte
Who do you appreciate: John Gregory

“John is a disciplined and professional agent who takes care of his client/members. He is always available to talk about the processes and business decisions we face as agents. He is helpful and has great business sense.”

Be a Farm Bureau Agent

Name: Christina Teager

Who do you appreciate: Our underwriters

“Whether it’s Life or Personal Lines, our underwriters have a tough job. I appreciate the fact that they are willing to listen to our agency force and help explain and/or work through difficult situations when necessary. I also appreciate the time they take to get to know our team. At times, they are the unsung heroes of our business, and I appreciate all they do for us.”

Name: Luke Adams
Who do you appreciate: My management and support staff - Joshua Hyde, Lissa Perez and Dani Ryan

“Thank you all for the support and hard work you pour into Farm Bureau and the Catalina Sunrise Agency. Each and every one of you excels at what you do and it’s a pleasure working with you.”

Name: Amanda Baker
Who do you appreciate: Darin Mundy and Micala Dunn

“Darin is an amazing agency manager! He is supportive and always encourages me to be confident and go above and beyond what I think I am capable of. Micala is a wonderful commercial underwriter. She is always very helpful and supportive.”

Name: Danny Dinkel
Who do you appreciate: Michelle Hubert

“Your dedication to the District is above and beyond what I feel is expected out of the manager’s role in serving the agency field. Your passion and dedication do not go unnoticed. Thanks for the partnership!”

Name: Michelle Basgall
Who do you appreciate: Agents in District 8

“District 8 is a team that comes together when they need to meet a goal or take care of another agent or team member in need. They rise to any challenge put in front of them and work hard every day to take care of their client/members.”

At Farm Bureau, no one goes through their career alone. When you make the commitment to become a Farm Bureau agent, you’re joining a passionate team that’s committed to making a difference in the community. If you’d like to join the close-knit team of Farm Bureau agents, join our Reserve Agent Program, which lets you try out being a local insurance agent while keeping your day job. Read more about our Reserve Agent Program today!

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