Meet Mark Frentress

Meet Mark Frentress, a Farm Bureau Agent and Father

As a parent, it can be tough to find the work-life balance you need. At Farm Bureau, we know that our agents aren’t just agents, they’re parents, as well. With Father’s Day approaching, we sat down with one of our agents, Mark Frentress, and talked to him about how his career as a Farm Bureau insurance agent helps him balance both work and parenthood.

Take a moment to see what Mark said about being a father and a Farm Bureau insurance agent!

How does being a Farm Bureau insurance agent support family life as a father?

Being an agent with Farm Bureau has allowed me to find the balance between work and family life for which we are all looking. Before coming to Farm Bureau, I was with a company that was heavily slanted towards work life and, unfortunately, my family life was what got shorted. My career now allows me to be involved in all my kids’ activities and allows me to focus on what is really important in life.

What do you hope being an insurance agent can teach your children?

I hope I can pass down the genuine caring for people you must have to be successful in this business. This often means going above and beyond to make sure your client/members are taken care of in their time of need.

I hope that my children see that hard work does not always come easily and people respect you for it. I would want my children to be able to see how important the work we do every day is, how we help those in our communities and carry that with them in their lives.

Are there any values that you apply to being both a father and an insurance agent?

I use the same values at home as I do at work - honesty and integrity. I have always taught my children that if you are honest with people and treat them with respect, you will win in life. You should always do what is right, even though that choice may not be the most popular or easiest decision.

Why was becoming a Farm Bureau insurance agent a good fit for you as you build a career while raising a family?

I wanted a career that would allow me to run my own business and offer the control to be able to mold my career in a way I would see fit.

Farm Bureau is a great fit for me because it has allowed me to do all of that and more. I can build and grow my business with the values I feel are important and make decisions that benefit both my business and my family. I truly have a career that complements my family life, and I am in control of that.

How does being a father impact your passion for supporting the livelihoods and futures of client/members?

I think being a father has given me the ability to relate to other families to make sure they have the proper coverage. I always look at the families I am protecting as part of my extended family.

At times you have to deal with difficult situations in this business, and my goal is to minimize as much of the negative emotion as possible by making sure the coverage families need is already in place when a situation arises.

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