Meet Farm Bureau Agent Rachelle Sullivan

June 13, 2022

What do police work and insurance have in common? Quite a bit, according to Rachelle Sullivan.

“Honestly, law enforcement and insurance have a lot in common with each other,” the 22-year Sheriff’s Deputy veteran says. “Both try to find solutions to problems in people’s lives. They both help people in need.”

The Princeton, Iowa, native made the jump to Farm Bureau in 2018. Find out what she loves about the job and the challenges she overcame to get to where she is now.

What Was Your Path to Becoming an Agent?

I started with Farm Bureau in October 2018. I had a mutual law enforcement friend who had left his position to go to Farm Bureau. Every time I spoke with him, he mentioned how much he really enjoyed his new role. I had been a Sheriff’s Deputy for 22 years and was looking for a new challenge. The more I thought about it, I was really intrigued. I spoke with my friend, several times, about making the switch and he had nothing but good things to say about the company.

After a lot of soul searching, I reached out and spoke with Ryan Harklau and he connected me to the district manager in my area. From there, and while still working full time at the Sheriff’s Office, I began studying to get all the required licensing. Once I passed the licensing, I was set to go! I retired and went directly to an agent role with Farm Bureau.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for You?

Typical, what’s that? There are no typical days, which is also a plus. I do so many different things each day, from helping clients with common questions to helping them solve problems due to a lack of coverage due to a job change, life change, etc. Helping them protect their loved one’s futures to getting them on the right path to retirement — so many things!

How Does Your Previous Career in Law Enforcement Play into What You Do Now?

You must be a person who feels comfortable talking with people and truly cares about the people in our community. There are many similarities. So, to me, this transition made sense. Some of the qualities that make a good law enforcement officer are the same qualities that make a good agent.

What Skills Do You Think Are Most Important to Being a Good Agent?

Honesty, compassion, morals, responsibility for self and those in our community. Agents must be independent workers who are responsive to others’ needs.

What Do You Love Most About Your Job?

I love that I get to help people be protected and families to be okay when the need arises. And I love meeting new people! There’s no better feeling than having someone thank you for helping them feel better about their lives and to be comfortable knowing that we are there for them.

What Is the Most Challenging Part?

There are a lot of challenges, but with the right mindset and attitude there’s nothing that cannot be overcome. I started from scratch, with no clients. I had to really push my limits and get out of my comfort zone to build my book of business. I’m still doing that to this day, and I think most veteran agents would tell you the same. 

I have met so many great clients, who I feel I can even call friends at this point. It’s an ever-changing career. But, like I mentioned, it’s not impossible to do. You must want to be the best you can be.

What's the Most Common Question You Get from Clients?

I would say the most common question from clients is “am I covered properly?” That’s where we can shine! We help answer that question by finding out what’s important to them, about their lives and lifestyle and what they want to accomplish in the future. There’s no better feeling than when a client walks out of your office and shakes your hand, thanking you for caring and making sure they are where they need to be.

What's the Best Piece of Advice You Can Give to New Agents?

Get out of your comfort zone, push the envelope and do it! It truly is a rewarding career.

What Are You Most Excited to Do Career-wise in the Coming Year?

I’m most excited to meet new people and see what I can do to help those in our community. I also want to continue to grow and develop as an agent in this organization.

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