Meet Jeff Peszulik

Meet Farm Bureau Agent Jeff Peszulik

Farm Bureau Financial Services would like you to meet Jeff Peszulik, a Farm Bureau agent based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Jeff has been working as a Farm Bureau agent for the last few years, so we sat down and talked to him about his journey to joining our team.

Take a moment to read and learn more about Jeff and his career at Farm Bureau!

Become a Farm Bureau Agent

What made you decide to become a Farm Bureau insurance agent?

I was working at Cox Communications for 17 years and didn’t enjoy what I was doing anymore. I talked it over with my family and decided to make the change. I knew a Farm Bureau agent named Jay for years, and he was always asking me to join the Farm Bureau family. After a conversation between the two of us one day, I knew right away that it was a good fit.

What excites you about being a Farm Bureau agent?

Sales have always been my passion. I love meeting new people and building relationships. I get excited knowing that client/members trust me to assist them in planning for their future. We are not your typical insurance company - we offer a wide range of products and services for our client/members. Most importantly, we offer our client/members a positive and comforting experience when it comes to their insurance.

Summer is finally here! What are you looking forward to most in the summer months?

The summer months are when I get to spend the most time with my family. The kids are out of school and around the house more. They are playing different sports throughout the summer that I get to watch, and I love cheering for them. We have a pool in the backyard where we spend the rest of our time. I also won the trip to Disney this year through Farm Bureau. The whole family is going in July. We can’t wait to go!

What was your dream job growing up?

Growing up, I knew that I wanted to be the boss! I like having a flexible schedule to balance family and work, having a staff to which I can delegate tasks and having the opportunity to run a business. Thanks to Farm Bureau, I can finally have my dream job.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishments personally are my kids. They are the “why I do” behind the “what I do.” They are each unique in their own way, and every day I feel proud as I watch them develop into young adults.

One of my proudest accomplishments professionally is having my own agency with Farm Bureau. I love goals, and when I can meet or exceed those goals, it drives me to be better. I have been with Farm Bureau for a couple years, and I love coming into work every day. I take a lot of pride in my work, and I am proud of where I am now.

What are some things you do to advance your insurance career?

I have joined multiple networking groups to build personal and professional relationships and to exchange business opportunities. To expand my insurance knowledge, I attend extra training classes when I can. I also try to get involved with local events such as golf outings, school events and community projects.

Do you have any advice for a new agent just beginning their insurance career?

Stay focused on your goals, and take it one client/member at a time. Be an honest insurance agent who truly has the client/member’s best interest at heart. It is not an overnight success job. You need to be patient and work the plan to build your business. Farm Bureau has a ton of resources and people who are always willing to help, so use them!

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