Meet Farm Bureau Agent Courtney Cowan Gray

July 26, 2022

Phoenix area agent Courtney Cowan Gray has been in the insurance industry for 12 years, after transitioning away from hospitality when she was ready to start a family. She runs her business with her husband, proving that life and a busy career certainly can coexist.

“My husband and I run our agency together so we can balance being parents of young children and support each other in our business. One of the best aspects of our career is how much it integrates with our social lives. Our friends become our clients and our clients become our friends.” 

What Was Your Path to Becoming an Agent?

A friend of mine was in the insurance industry and asked me if I wanted to stay in sales when I had given my resignation notice as a manager at a restaurant. I didn’t think insurance sales was my cup of tea, but after my friend asked me to look into his company and industry, I found that insurance and financial planning is a perfect fit for me — and I had essentially been in training my entire career.

In hospitality, I listened to people’s needs and anticipated their desires. I educated them about their possible choices and helped them achieve their financial goals. That experience carried over to the insurance agency. 

Why Farm Bureau?

I am only as good as the promise I make to our clients. Partnering with a company like Farm Bureau gives me confidence that when our clients need us, we will give them great service and find a way to help them.

I choose to represent a company who cares about their clients and listens to their employees and agents in the field. Having a relationship with underwriters, claims adjusters and corporate leaders, keeps us on the same page. 

What Skills Do You Think are Most Important to Being a Good Agent?

If you like to connect with people, listen to their needs, and have passion for helping others, this is a great career for you. This industry has no glass ceiling. No matter where you are starting from, there is no limit to how many people you can help or cap on your income. 

What Do You Love Most About Your Job? What is the Most Challenging Part?

What I love most and what is the most challenging part of the job is the flexibility. You have the flexibility to run your business as you want, so you may work as hard as you can and you may take off or rearrange your working hours to accommodate your family’s schedule. 

What's the Best Piece of Advice You Can Give to New Agents?

Honesty, knowledge and integrity should be inherent to your clients. That is why they are talking to you to begin with. Find what sets you apart and what values you bring to the table. For us, it is our concierge-level service and education we provide for our clients. Find your vision and staff your office immediately to be the agency you want to be in a year. Think like a business owner immediately and hire the right people to get you to your vision.

What Are You Most Excited to Do Career-wise in the Coming Year?

I am currently attending the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Conference in Boston. There are 5,000 advisors from around the world that come together annually to learn and be with the best in our industry. It is inspiring to be around the industry leaders and reiterate the importance of what we provide for our clients. I feel that Farm Bureau is the best platform for me to partner with to achieve my top goal. 

Make a Difference in Your Community

Farm Bureau agents have endless opportunities. If you’re looking to start a business that makes a difference for your family and community, contact us to learn how you can get started at Farm Bureau.