How to Protect Livelihoods and Secure Futures [Testimonials]

Do you want to be an insurance agent in your community? Does the thought of helping your friends and neighbors feel secure and plan for their futures sound appealing? Would you like to help people protect their livelihood? These are responsibilities Farm Bureau agents take seriously. Agents choose an insurance career because they care about those around them and want to have an impact on others. Hear from current Farm Bureau agents about what protecting livelihoods and futures means to them.

An Insurance Agent Career at Farm Bureau is About Family

Individuals choose to become Farm Bureau agents because they want to genuinely help protect families just like their own and be there for them when the unexpected strikes. Whether it’s working with a couple as they prepare for retirement or helping a family rebuild after a natural disaster, Farm Bureau agents are there for their client/members because that’s what they would want for their own families.

“When I think about protecting people’s livelihood and their lives, it comes right down to my own family. If a tragedy should happen to me, I’d want my wife to be covered. I’d want my kids to be able to go to college and live the life that we’re living now. That’s what I would want for my family, and that’s the way I approach every client.” - Cody Reese, UT agent

“I think the most important thing that I can do for my clients is to make sure that they have the right coverage when their family needs it the most – whether that be a bad car accident, a death in the family, potential estate taxes or retirement income. To be able to provide that when they need it the most is a great feeling.” - Teresa Meyer, IA agent

Farm Bureau Agents are Determined to Find the Right Insurance for Clients

The most successful agents are passionate about making a difference in their community. Farm Bureau agents understand insurance, and they’re willing to take the time to help their client/members find the best option. They are often out in the community getting to know their neighbors. By being active in their community, agents can gain new insights for how to protect what matters most to each individual.

“Protecting livelihoods is something I take to heart because where I came from, a lot of people do not know what’s out there for them and what they need in order to be protected. It’s important to me to educate them about their options instead of them blindly getting insurance because they need it.” - Aldo Contreras, KS agent

“To me, protecting livelihoods and futures means making sure that I’ve done my very best to help my client/members put the safeguards in place that we have available for them.” - Curtis Spiker, NE agent

“I protect livelihoods and futures by sitting down with as many people as I can. We meet and just have a conversation; what are their needs? What are their desires if something should happen?” - Brent McCall, IA agent

Is a Farm Bureau Insurance Career Right For You? 

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