How Farm Bureau Agents Are Making a Difference

May 11, 2020

As a Farm Bureau Financial Services agent, your community’s welfare is the focus of your business. Of course you’re there for the tough times, like helping a family get back on their feet after a fire or guiding a nervous driver through an accident claim. But for many of our agents, an equally rewarding part of their job is finding ways to make a difference in their communities. Here’s how one Farm Bureau agent is proactively improving the lives of others.

Warming Hands and Hearts

Agent Jared Klosterboer knows that winters in Williamsburg, Iowa can be cold. From November through March, low temperatures routinely hover in the teens. He decided to do a hat and mitten drive for the school children in his town, who often go without such necessities. He launched the drive on Halloween, taking advantage of his centrally located office’s popularity with trick-or-treaters, and decorated a tree with orange lights to generate buzz. He also posted about the drive on Facebook and distributed posters to local businesses.

In 2018, the first year of the project, they collected about 80 hats and mittens. That number jumped to over 200 the following year. Jared hopes to keep warming hands and hearts for many winters to come.


Agents Doing Good

Farm Bureau agents regularly become involved in making their communities better. Farm Bureau recognizes its agents’ local efforts via the “Agents Doing Good and Giving Back” program, which highlights how agents are supporting the people around them while growing their presence in the community. Agents simply submit their stories to Farm Bureau, and then those experiences are shared on corporate social channels. Farm Bureau may even work with local media to generate additional exposure for agents and the organizations they support. Whether you are already involved in a local project or are looking for the opportunity to become more active in your community, we encourage and support you.

Make a Difference in Your Community

Become a Farm Bureau insurance agent, and we can work together to create positive change. Contact us to learn how you can get started.