A Farm Bureau Agent is Comin' to Town! (Infographic)

When you reach your small business dreams, what will your success story look like? Telling it in the right way can be a powerful tool for building your personal brand and fostering strong relationships within your community. In the spirit of the holiday season, Farm Bureau Financial Services invites you to become the star of your very own fairy tale by enjoying a fun new twist on an old holiday classic!

A Farm Bureau Agent is Comin' to Town! (Infographic)

Once upon a time in a small town called Yourtown, John Doe found himself in an office job working nine to five, Monday through Friday, to provide for Mrs. Doe and their three children.

John liked many parts of his job – he got to exercise his degree in business, work with people one-on-one and made enough money to put away for his children’s education. But there were other parts that made it less enjoyable – like the times he wasn’t able to make it home in time for dinner or when he had difficulties communicating with a boss who, simply put, didn’t have the same vision for the company.

Day to day, micromanagement and poor communication amongst his coworkers made it difficult to see projects through. His long commute to work began to interfere with his family’s increasingly busy schedules. Even more, he didn’t feel like there was room to grow in the way he wanted.

And something else was missing…

Every day when John left work, he realized it was what he did outside of the office that gave him true fulfillment.

John loved the feeling he got after wrapping up practice as the coach for his son’s Little League team. He enjoyed working alongside his neighbors as he volunteered at the soup kitchen each Thursday night, leading a small group with his wife at the local church and serving on the board of directors at his daughter’s school.

Through his experiences serving his community, John met so many different types of people – each of which had their own story to share and their own set of passions, interests and values. He truly felt like he was impacting the lives of his community members and helping protect what mattered most to them.

But he wanted to do more.

As time went by, John began to wonder if it was possible to merge his background in business with his passion to serve his community.

He began his job search like most, by logging into his computer, and filtering through community job boards, online directories and emailing connections from the past – but nothing seemed to be a good fit.

He was looking for an opportunity that allowed him the freedom and flexibility to work on his own terms, let him spend more time with his friends and family, and supported his desire to help those around him.

It occurred to John that maybe his entrepreneurial spirit wasn’t a good fit for a typical office job, and he should start his search in a different place. Maybe he was finally ready to take the plunge and start his dream business.

It was then that John found an opportunity to join the Farm Bureau Financial Services team as a Reserve Agent.

Building his business with Farm Bureau Financial Services made perfect sense for his long-term personal and professional goals. He could work for himself, set his own hours and earn a competitive salary with cash benefits and incentive travel – all while spending more time with Mrs. Doe and his children.

Not to mention, John woke up each morning knowing he would be delivering many important gifts to the community members in which he had already invested so much.

He felt good helping his next-door neighbor identify the right life insurance for his family, and because of it, helped safeguard the future of the entire family by taking away the burden of debt and ensuring each child had the opportunity to attend college if and when the time came.

When he drove his children to and from after school activities, he knew the passengers inside the vehicles beside him were safer.

And, when his favorite local deli suffered damage from a passing storm, he was able to be there at the moment the business owner needed help most. His services helped the local deli rebuild from damage that might have otherwise put it out of business. When the doors were ready to reopen, he stood in line with dozens of his fellow community members, eager to get his hands on his favorite tuna sub.

John quickly became recognized as a leader within his community. He was someone that truly understood the needs of his neighbors and had the compassion and resources to make sure they were met.

As he was building his own legacy as a trusted businessman and community advocate, he was also building upon the rich legacy of the Farm Bureau family who, for many years, had been going above and beyond to help communities protect the people and things that mattered most.

John was proud to be of the Farm Bureau family and believed it was just one more reason why he was glad he had taken advantage of one of the best small business opportunities around, and why his community members continued to be thankful a Farm Bureau Agent had come to town!