10 Pieces of Valuable Advice for New Agents

December 08, 2021

Starting a new profession as a Farm Bureau insurance agent is a big life change. Luckily for those making the switch to insurance, many Farm Bureau colleagues are ready and willing to provide helpful advice. Fellow agents who have been in your shoes will be there for you every step of the way. Start your new path on the right foot with these insights from current agents.

1. “This is a marathon, not a sprint, and it takes a team to succeed. Hire people when you are ready — staff does not cost you money, they build your business.” – Shawn Nielsen, UT agent

As a Farm Bureau agent, you own your own business and can make it what you want it to be. And the best part is that while you’re making your own business decisions, Farm Bureau is by your side with the tools and resources to help you succeed. 

2. “A ‘no’ right now doesn’t necessarily mean ‘no’ forever. Some of my biggest clients have taken years to acquire.” – Tami Kraft, MN agent

Farm Bureau agents don’t take the easy way out. Agents work hard, and they’re always there to answer questions. They’re equipped with the insurance knowledge that makes them the go-to person for their communities. 

3. “Get involved in an organization that you enjoy and branch out. There are quality prospects in many organizations, and you’ll get the most from it if you’re active and truly enjoy it.” – Russ Otte, KS agent

As you start your new profession in insurance, it’s vitally important to put yourself out there and spread your wings. Get active in your community, because these are the people whose lives you’ll be protecting.

4. “Show up each day employed, meaning you have plenty of people to see every day.” – Matt Machin, KS agent

Successful Farm Bureau agents wake up each day motivated to help protect the livelihoods and futures of their community members. They are values-driven, extremely passionate individuals who stop at nothing to be there when the unexpected strikes. 

5. “I wish I would have known the ‘why’ in what I was doing from Day 1. It wasn’t until three months in that I learned the magnitude of the positive impact that we have on our client/members through the services we offer.” – Jacob Stroh, NE agent

Helping people is the heart of being a Farm Bureau agent. Whether it’s helping to find the right insurance for the growing family down the block or a retiring couple with plans to travel, Farm Bureau agents are dedicated to having a positive impact on their communities.

6. “Take this opportunity and be totally committed. You won’t regret it.” – Larry Holtkamp, IA agent

As a Farm Bureau agent, you have the opportunity to protect the livelihoods and futures of those in your community. Your role with Farm Bureau gives you the chance to make an impact on someone’s life, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

7. “Looking back, there are a few words of advice I would pass on: don’t take things personally, adapt to change because the insurance business will always be there, and most importantly, this business is about building relationships, not selling insurance.” – Gordon Knudsen, UT agent

As a Farm Bureau agent, it’s important to be flexible. Agents are often thrown into unexpected situations, and they need to be dependable when a client/member needs them the most. Farm Bureau agents aren’t in it for the quick sale - they’re there for the long haul.

8. “Be open to using the resources that are available to you. Do the joint work with fellow agents because you can learn from them and you can see different selling techniques.” – Mary Winter, KS agent

Farm Bureau agents know insurance inside and out, but they also know they can always learn from their fellow agents. They reach out to their agency manager, fellow agents, sales support and many others to make sure they’re providing the best service possible.

9. “My manager once told me you will never sell anything sitting in the office. Not bad advice.” – Douglas Bacon, IA agent

By getting out in the community and meeting people on the street, in the local coffee shop, at the high school basketball game, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of what you’re helping those in your town protect. 

10. “Spend the majority of your time in front of people and listen to their needs and wants. Run your agency like the business it is. Remember to have patience and perseverance.” – Larry Marshall, NM agent

Agents take time to listen to their client/members’ wants and needs to make sure they’re properly covered at the right time. By having the patience to listen closely to their client/members, Farm Bureau agents can help identify gaps in coverage and potentially find discounts.

As you start your rewarding journey as a Farm Bureau agent, take in some of this advice from those who have been in the business. For more valuable information as you continue on your Farm Bureau journey, sign up for our newsletter!