Top Crops in the States We Serve (Infographic)

As we begin to enter spring with hopes of warmer weather on the horizon, we also enter the critical time for farmers and their crops. At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we are proud to work across a large region where our agents have a hand in ensuring some of the world’s most important crops are kept safe. When you join our dedicated team of agents, you have the opportunity to help protect the generations of farmers whose hard work provides enough food to help sustain our nation.
Because of the men and women who work hard in our regions, we have abundant and safe food for our families. In celebration of National Agriculture Day in March, we highlight the top crops grown in the states we serve:

Top Crops in United States

CWT: hundredweight equal to 100 pounds


Did you know 95% of corn farms are family farms?

National Corn Consumption

According to the National Corn Growers Association, on an annual basis, Americans consume about 25 pounds of corn each year.

National Corn Production

Throughout the world, the United States dominates in corn production each year. With 97.2 million acres planted yearly, nearly 10.8 billion bushels of corn is produced.

Top Corn Producing States

Iowa, 2.4 billion bushels annually.
Nebraska, 1.6 billion bushels annually.
Minnesota, 1.2 billion bushels annually.
South Dakota, 787 million bushels annually.
Kansas, 566 million bushels annually.
New Mexico, 9.3 million bushels annually.
Utah, 4.5 million bushels annually.


Did you know that the U.S. is the leading soybean producer and exporter?

National Soybean Consumption

As the largest soybean producer and exporter in the world, the United States utilizes soybeans for many different purposes. The most popular ways are for food, industrial uses, and animal feed.

National Soybean Production

Soybeans are the second most popular crop grown in the United States today. As production continues to increase, soybean production is now up by 3% to a record level of 3.91 billion bushels in 2014.

Top Soybean Producing States

Iowa, 506 million bushels annually.
Minnesota, 305 million bushels annually.
Nebraska, 289 million bushels annually.
South Dakota, 203 million bushels annually.
Kansas, 143 million bushels annually.


Did you know there are more than 600 different pasta shapes produced worldwide?

National Wheat Consumption

Since 2000, United States wheat consumption has continued to drop each year due to health concerns. From 1997-2011, Americans have lowered their wheat intake from 146.8 pounds to approximately 134.4 pounds a year.

National Wheat Production

In 2014, the United States produced approximately 2.03 billion bushels of wheat.

Top Wheat Producing States

Kansas, 246 million bushels annually.
South Dakota, 131 million bushels annually.
Nebraska, 71 million bushels annually.
Minnesota, 66 million bushels annually.
Arizona, 8.7 million bushels annually.
Utah, 5.9 million bushels annually.
New Mexico, 2.9 million bushels annually.


Did you know the potato is 80 percent water and 20 percent solid?

National Potato Consumption

Over 50% of potato sales are made to processors for fries, chips, dehydrated potatoes, etc. with the remainder going to fresh markets.

National Potato Production

In 2014, United States potato production was estimated at approximately 447 million (cwt), up 3% from 2013.

Top Potato Producing States

Minnesota, 16 million CWT annually.
Nebraska, 6.4 million CWT annually.
Kansas, 1.4 million CWT annually.
Arizona, 1.1 million CWT annually.

Dry Beans

Did you know the most popular dry bean are pinto beans?

National Dry Bean Consumption

In the United States, approximately 7.5 pounds of beans are consumed by Americans each year.

National Dry Bean Production

As the 6th leading dry bean producer in the world, in 2014, the United States produced 29.2 million dry beans.

Top Dry Bean Producing States

Nebraska, 3.8 million CWT annually.
Minnesota, 2.9 million CWT annually.


Did you know a bushel of oats weighs 32 pounds?

National Oat Consumption

Oat consumption exceeds any other food staple in United States. The main uses of oats are in breakfast cereals, oat flour, and rolled oats.

National Oat Production

In 2014, the United States produced approximately 69.7 million bushels of oats.

Top Oat Producing States

South Dakota, 9.3 million bushels annually.
Iowa, 3.5 million bushels annually.
Nebraska, 1.6 million bushels annually.
Kansas, 840,000 bushels annually.


Did you know the United States ranks 8th for barley production in the world?

National Barley Consumption

The U.S. barley consumption is approximately 66 percent food and industrial use, 12 percent export use and 22 percent feed and residual use.

National Barley Production

The United States produced approximately 177 million bushels of barley in 2014.

Top Barley Producing States

Arizona, 4 million bushels annually.
Minnesota, 3.1 million bushels annually.
Utah, 1.7 million bushels annually.
South Dakota, 884,000 bushels annually.
Kansas, 350,000 bushels annually.


Did you know there is more cotton grown globally than any other non-edible crop?

National Cotton Consumption

The United State cotton industry accounts for more than $25 billion in products and services annually.

National Cotton Production

The United States ranked 3rd in world cotton production and harvested approximately 9.3 million acres of cotton in 2014.

Top Cotton Producing States

New Mexico, 73,000 bales annually.
Arizona, 492,000 bales annually.
Kansas, 52,000 bales annually.


Did you know the average pea weighs between 0.1 and 0.36 grams?

National Pea Consumption

In the United States, dry peas are predominantly used for human consumption and animal feed.

National Pea Production

In 2014, the United States pea production is estimated at 17.2 million (cwt).

Top Pea Producing States

Minnesota, 78,150 tons annually.


Did you know there are over 1,000 varieties of pecans?

National Pecan Consumption

According to the USDA, the average American consumes approximately 270 pounds of fruit and tree nuts a year.

National Pecan Production

The 2014 United States pecan crop production projection was 276 million pounds.

Top Pecan Producing States

New Mexico, 65 million pounds annually.
Arizona, 21 million pounds annually.
Kansas, 880,000 pounds annually.


Did you know that hay takes up three-fifths of Utah’s total cropland?

National Hay Consumption

According to the EPA, hay is a general term that is used for different perennial crops like grasses and legumes. It is often used to feed livestock.

National Hay Production

Around 139 million tons of hay were produced during the 2014-2015 season in the United States.

Top Hay Producing States

Nebraska, 6 million tons annually.
Kansas, 5 million tons annually.
Minnesota, 2.4 million tons annually.

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