Sales people enjoy a wide range of incomes. Like many sales jobs, Farm Bureau agent income is based on commissions earned from selling our products. On average, a first-year Farm Bureau agent makes 56 percent more than other sales people.* By year three, a Farm Bureau agent has potential to earn more than double. That's due in part to the power of residual income. You see, when a Farm Bureau insurance agent sells a product, the agent is paid each time the policy renews. 

There's simply no limit to how much a Farm Bureau insurance agent can earn as it is one of the best multiline exclusive agent contracts in the industry. And, to lessen the cost of getting started, our agents enjoy new agent financing during the first 5 years of their career. Plus, each year, on average, the top 15 percent of our agents earn up to $15,000 in incentive awards, including cash and incentive travel to sought-after destinations.