Meet Agent Tara Haslouer

Meet Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Tara Haslouer

Meet Tara Haslouer, a Farm Bureau Financial Services insurance agent based out of Larned, Kansas. When we sat down with Tara, she gave insight into her passion of being a Farm Bureau agent and what drives her to succeed. Read on to learn more about Tara!

What do you enjoy about being an insurance agent with Farm Bureau?

I enjoy the freedom that being an insurance agent provides. I am able to have flexibility in my schedule and am able to define what I do every single day. I absolutely love what I do and am happy I took the leap toward becoming an insurance agent. I like being my own boss and being a business owner with unlimited earning potential.

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What advice do you have for someone interested in becoming an insurance agent at Farm Bureau?

To truly become a successful insurance agent with Farm Bureau, you need to be a hard-working person with an acute business sense who also has the passion to help people and learn the products inside and out.

Learn more about the traits of highly successful insurance agents!

What have you found to be fulfilling about becoming an insurance agent at Farm Bureau?

I find it fulfilling to be in a position to protect people’s livelihoods and future. I’m providing a service that people truly need and get to help those in my community. I’m there when clients need me most and take pride in knowing I get to make a difference in people’s lives.

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What makes Farm Bureau different?

Farm Bureau’s mission and values are like those of a family. I have made meaningful relationships with other agents and other professionals at Farm Bureau and we truly care about one another. That would be the number one reason I would never, ever leave Farm Bureau.

Why Insurance Agents Choose Farm Bureau

Just like Tara said, agents choose us because we are by your side working toward the same goals - to protect the livelihoods and futures of our clients. That’s why we offer ongoing support, training and education opportunities for agents to continue to grow their knowledge.

For over 75 years, Farm Bureau has been a leader in the insurance industry by working toward making sure our clients have bright futures. Along with knowing they are making a difference in their communities, our agents enjoy unlimited earning potential, no franchise fees and more, helping them build a thriving business.

Join the Farm Bureau Team

Insurance agents, like Tara, have a passion for what they do by owning their own business and helping others in their community. If you’re someone who is passionate about helping others and driven to run your own business, becoming an insurance agent at Farm Bureau may be the perfect fit for you. Learn how to join Tara and get started with Farm Bureau today!


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